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Sinclairsholm became famous in the

1980s to introduce green asparagus

to the Swedish market.
Today, the cultivation is being phased

out but on the other hand through

good Dutch contacts we can offer

plants of highest quality.
During autumn and winter both
professional growers and private

clients order plants with delivery in


Older types provide both male and

female plants. Male plants are

considered to give significantly higher

yield. Therefore, the development of

the  single-sexed F1 type that only
produces male plants.

asparagus PLANTS

Order your asparagus plants in time, A-plants SEK 35 / plant 

+ shipping in Sweden SEK 90. Delivery during April 2024

Send name, adress & phone number in email to Johan Barnekow


cultivate DIY

Asparagus can be grown on

alternating soil types, a little stone is

no obstacle. More important is well

drained, not too stiff soil, warm

position and wind protected.

cultivation manual


The establishment of plants for

cultivation of white or green

asparagus is the same. Today's

popular types are Bachlim and Prius.

We can also offer the Erasmus

that gives a violet asparagus.

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