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the estate

Sinclairsholm is an old estate where

it currently operates agriculture and

forestry, as well as Christmas tree

production. The area is

approximately 950 ha consisting of
300 ha of cultivated land, 600 ha of

productive forest, 16 ha Christmas

trees and 34 ha other.

In 2004 started the wear part

business Sinclairsholm Machine,

which offers top quality wear parts

mainly to farmers directly. 


The development has been and is

very positive. Sinclairsholm is

currently 50% owned by Johan &

Inger Barnekow and the other 50%

by Johannes Barnekow.


Along the Alma river in Göinge (north

-east Scania), in parish of Gumlösa

and in Hässleholm municipality lies

the estate of Sinclairsholm.

Through three exchanges and buys

1613, 1614 and in 1620 acquired the

county clerk at Landskrona castle the

Danish National counsellor and knight

Anders Sinclair Gumlösa, Sörby,

Norra Sandby and half of Kviinge

parish and created then a property

given the name Sinclairsholm.

In 1643, the estate was sold to Joakim Beck of Torup, but he then had to sell it after seven years, ruined by the many industrial facilities he founded in Scania. New owner became Jörgen Marsvin of Restrup, but the same sold when Scania became Swedish to the County Governor of Kristianstad and Blekinge county Håkan Skytte in 1667.
Within the Skytte family the estate was owned until 1823 when it was sold to Baron Fredrik Gyllenkrook and today's owner Johan Barnekow is the sixth generation and together with his son Johannes Barnekow who is the seventh generation.
The estate built by Sinclair was destroyed during the Danish War 1709-10 when General Reventlow had his headquarters at the estate for a while.
Major Karl Henrik Skytte had a new main building created in 1734 on the old foundation and with two separate wings. It is that house Carl Linnaeus describes on his journey in Scania 1749. The main building was hit by a fire in 1788 and was rebuilt by timber donated by king Gustav III from the crown forests in northern Scania. The new main building became a timbered one-story house with  rendering and with a curb roof. In 1820 a front gable was added and in the 1860s the house was rebuilt in French chateau style. In 1956 Carl Barnekow rebuilt the house after the original drawings but retained the French roof. The economy buildings that exist today are from the 1860s.

Gumlösa CHURCH

Long before the time of Anders

Sinclair had gentlemen lived in the

friendly river valley of Alma. Even

further back in time glimpses the

figure of a man, Trugot Ketilson, as

by his deed appears to be one of the

great men of his time.
He was him that at the end of the

12th century let build the remarkable

Gumlösa church.

The oldest dated brick building in the

Nordic countries and that today still

looks the same as when it was

inaugurated in 1192.

Guided tours for the public have

been held at Sinclairsholm for

over 30 years by Johan Barnekow.

According to tradition, May 1st, at 15h
Open Café in the Stenhuset 13h-17h


Guided tours of private groups at

other times of the year can be booked

directly with Johan Barnekow

tel. +46 451 390 831




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